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Like A Paradise
Friday, 30 August 2013 • 03:57 • 0 comments

Assalammualaikum!! Hye all!!. :)
Ouh, really miss this moment. For a long time, I'm not update my blog. Huuhh!! so lazy..haha..okay, b.t.w, just to ask you, any there's you see something different in my blog?? Yes of course!..Your blog have new look. So pretty just like you..muahaha..(nonsense).. :D. Okay, let's forget it.

Alright, there's only a few days for holiday from now before I should be to continued my study at Uitm. Huhh!! the times are being running out as fast as possible. Done semester 3!! Now, I'll coming in semester 4..hahhh??really??woww..It's very faster..huhu. I only have 3 more semester  to finished my study.hehe.Alhamdulilah. :)

Actually, what's I want to tell you is about my past memories in semester 3. As we know, we can't guess that what's will be happen on future such me. I'm also don't know what's I'll have to face throughout of these semester.

These semester I had a lot of matter that I had to face it. All these were teasing me such as  about studying, love, family and also relationship with surroundings. I can says that semester 3 gave me a lot of problems. This is not small matter but it's big problems. I was downwards in many things included my tests exam, and quizes so bad. I can't handle my problems very well. So, it was gave a little bad effect in my studies. I'm also often crying, and more crying day by day. I almost give up and sometimes I felt to stop being as a student and returned to my hometown. Live there!! but my beloved friends have always give their supported to me. They're always beside me when I'm feel lonely, when I was sick and they always there to sweep my tears when  I'm starting to crying.

But the most importance thing is God always there in my heart. I know He's gave me His test because He's loving me. He want me to close with Him. He want me to recognize that only His is the place to dependent. He want me to pray in my 'sujud', He want me to cry infront of Him. Allahhu Akbar. These are the way that our God shows His loving  to His servant in the earth. Alhamdulilah. :')

So, I hope I can get better things for coming semester and I wish to achieve my target, which is dean list. hehe. InsyaAllah. .Wish dream come true. Hopefully everything is gone well. :)

So, here I'm ready to say goodbye for semester 3 and welcome to semester 4. :)

xoxo, The Shining Star


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